Covid-19 Response

In these trying times the health of our staff, students, and visitors are more important than ever before. Data Impressions has always been focused on emerging and cutting-edge technology. Therefore, we are happy to bring you the following technology solutions focused health and safety.



Meridian’s Personnel Management Solution features check-in and temperature verification capabilities. The solution can also be programmed for facial identification, with users easily added in a few short clicks. Designed to help protect the health and safety of both employees and guests by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility, alarms can be added to sound when those above the temperature threshold and those without access attempt to enter.



Charge and safely sterilize your notebooks and tablets at the same time!

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it was that germs on hard surfaces can be spread to others.
EarthWalk is in the final development stages of a new way to sterilize classroom devices quickly and efficiently, adapting products we already produce:

Ozone Disinfection

  • Ozone kills viruses and bacteria 50 times more effectively—and 3,000 times faster—as compared to chlorine, and with no poisonous residue.
  • Ozone is a powerful weapon to combat germs, utilizing full coverage in an environment more efficiently and safely than with UV technology.
  • Decontamination is quick: The ozone generator is activated for a 30-minute cycle.
  • The cart above can sterilize up to 40 devices; Wall mount station below can sterilize up to 16 devices.

More about Ozone Disinfection



A non-contact temperature measurement system based on AI software suitable for detecting individuals with fever.

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