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  • HP x360

    Built for Schools. Designed for Learning.

    Introducing our new HP ProBook x360 11 Education Edition notebook―the world’s thinnest rugged convertible notebook PC. Just like all of our Education Edition notebooks, it’s designed and built for highly-mobile, blended learning environments to enable anytime, anywhere creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

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  • Dell Chromebooks

    Connect to your Business easily

    Chrome Management Console facilitates easy deployment and management of users, devices and apps such as Google Docs, Hangouts, Drive, Chrome Web Store and more. Inspire rich, collaborative learning with the Google ecosystem for students. Expect quick access to the cloud, automated security updates and the most popular Google Apps preloaded and ready to go.

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  • Lenovo Chromebook

    Durable & Smart

    There's no set up involved with Lenovo Chromebooks—all you need is your Google account. Just open the lid, sign in, and get going with whatever you want to do. Your chromebook stays synchronized with your Google account, so you can access your data in the cloud—your apps, photos, documents, and more—on your Android phone, tablet, or any PC, anytime!Lenovo Chromebooks feature long battery life, so you don't need to worry about power supplies and electrical outlets when you're on the go. They're extremely fast, too, with an 8-second boot time to get you up and running.


  • Asus Chromebook

    Fast. Stylish. Simple.

    The incredibly sleek and light Chromebook C301 is designed to go everywhere you want to go. Weighing just 2.97 lbs, it won't cramp your mobile lifestyle, and its stylish looks will make you the center of attention. Our unique spun-metal finish adorns the lid, with a tough and durable metal finish adorning the rest of the chassis.


  • Samsung Chromebooks

    A Better Web Experience

    The ultimate in mobility and lightning-fast browsing, Samsung Chromebooks lets you navigate your digital world with ease. Have peace of mind while working in the Cloud. Built-in security features ensure you’re protected from viruses and malware.


  • Acer Chromebooks

    All-day power, Internet life, Apps galore, quick and easy!

    Slip the Acer Chromebook into your bag and work from anywhere, without recharging, because it has enough battery life to last all day long on a single charge.Indulge your eyes and see everything in vivid detail on the Acer Chromebook's Full HD display.The Acer Chromebook features the latest 802.11ac wireless technology, for a smooth internet experience at connection speeds that are up to three times faster than that of previous-generation wireless technologies.


  • HP Chromebooks

    Introducing the next-generation of HP Chromebooks

    With the HP Chromebook running lightning fast Chrome OS, the best of Google is at hand on a colorfully sleek and stylish notebook. Access your favorite websites and Google apps instantly on a beautiful 11 or 14-inch diagonal HD display.1,2 Auto-synch your data and stay connected everywhere with built-in optional 3G or 4G connectivity and up to 100GB of Google Drive Storage.

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  • Chromebox for Meetings

    Meetings with anyone, anywhere

    Meet with anyone on any device – from the conference room, at home or on the road. Join meetings with up to 15 participants – meet with colleagues, or invite customers and partners. Easy to manage Plug in your display, complete the setup wizard, and you’re done. Chromebox for meetings is always up to date with the latest features and security fixes. 24/7 support included.


  • Acer Chromebox CXI

    Redefining speed and security

    Play and work from the get-go with your favorite Google apps. Find thousands more in the Chrome Web Store -- many for free! When you need to access an application or file on a Windows system, you can do that right from the Chromebox using Remote Desktop. It starts in seconds, so you can wait less and do more. The Acer Chromebox sports a dual antenna design that provides a quicker, more reliable wireless connection for an overall smoother internet experience. And, you can access your media on external drives super-fast via the USB 3.0 port.


  • Asus Chromebox

    Experience the Best Chrome OS Computer

    With easy out-of-the-box setup, integrated virus and malware protection and feature-enhancing updates, ASUS Chromebox starts up in seconds to get you to your favorite websites and apps instantly. And why a box? Because with a box it houses a processor powerful enough for ultrafast multitasking performance in Chrome OS and the connectivity options to choose your own screen size, connect to multiple displays at once and even attach to any VESA-mountable monitor or HD TV.


  • HP Chromebox

    The next generation desktop has arrived

    Transform any compatible monitor or TV with the HP Chromebox and safely access your favorite websites and Google Chrome apps in seconds. Access your favorite websites and Google Chrome apps in mere seconds. For surfing, social media, or entertainment, this compact and colorful PC unleashes the Internet safely throughout your home.


  • Acer Chromebase

    See it big, see it super-clear

    The big 23.8" screen features Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and IPS technology, for crystal-clear images that show every detail to all your team members – even when they're viewing from wide angles. The webcam captures video in high definition, so people on the other side can see you and your wall charts clearly. This webcam also tilts 30°, adding to the screen's ability to tilt from -5° to 30° – so your team can relax while the webcam moves to fit everyone in. You heard right. With four microphones and 2 speakers built into the front of this machine, your team's voices get picked up clearly, and you can hear the people on the other side like they're there in the room with you. This slender device fits onto the most crowded of desks and its stylish stand's ergonomic hinge lets you smoothly tilt it vertically between -5° and 30°.


  • LG Chromebase

    The Simplicity and Speed of Chrome

    The LG Chromebase is the perfect device for the family. Let the kids learn to compute on a friendly app based monitor or do their homework on their own personal account, so you never have to worry about your own files being deleted. Enjoy the best of Google from Gmail to YouTube, to Hangouts and Docs. You've got everything you need in one convenient device with this all-in-one design that comes with a keyboard, speaker, mouse, monitor and HD webcam.


  • Reducing the Footprint of Your Server Room with Advanced Storage Solutions

    Server Room Storage Solutions

    We guarantee that we’ll help reduce the footprint of your server room by 50 percent.

    How? Four ways, really.

    Cloud convergence policy

    First, we’ll develop a sound and reliable cloud convergence policy, and provide a reliable speedy backup and storage policy. Once that’s in place, the data center’s footprint will be reduced, and most importantly, be provided with security. You’ll be left with a system that’s better protected, and more efficient overall.

    Predictive All Flash array

    As for the technical elements, let’s start with the industry’s only Predictive All Flash array, which boosts the speed and power of your system. That is combined with seamless integration with VMware, which allows administrators to manage the storage like any other infrastructure resource.

    Predictive analytics

    For accountability, a suite of predictive analytics is built into the system, which allows constant performance testing.

    Expert protection

    And finally, with SmartStackTM integrated infrastructure, you’ll be protected across all systems.

    If this system sounds right for you, call on Data Impressions today. We’ll be able to assess your current system, come up with a Nimble Storage platform that works best, and then install it in a timely and effective manner. Get ready to leap into the digital future, with Nimble Storage!

    In recent months, the Corona-Norco Unified School District had to make a decision. They were spending too many resources on data storage and needed a new alternative that would not only cut costs, but also, increase storage—since there was only more that was coming.

    So, they decided to switch their server room over to Nimble Storage.

    Nimble Storage is a new tech that allows you to bring the legacy infrastructure into the virtual world.

    The result?

    A reduction in physical infrastructure cost by 50 percent, while increasing storage performance by a whopping 100 percent. Exactly what they wanted.

    Contact the experienced staff at Data Impressions to learn more about reducing your server room footprint today.

  • Earthwalk Carts

    Designed specifically for today's Chrome classrooms

    Available in 30, 40 and 45 user models, ChromeCart features individual horizontal storage areas large enough for devices having up to 14" screens. Carts have welded-steel construction with a small, space-saving footprint and optional custom upgrades to fit your specific needs.


  • Ergotron Carts

    Secure devices with peace of mind

    Sync, charge, secure and manage up to 32 devices. The universal design accommodates the Apple iOS, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus–any devices that are fully USB 1.2 charging standard compliant (size restrictions apply). Durable steel doors with robust three-point lock and key assembly provide strong theft deterrence.


  • Belkin Tablet Storage

    Making it easy to deploy and support tablets and laptops in the classroom.

    Compatible with most mobile deployments, including iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Kindle HD Fire and select laptops or Chromebooks up to 13", this Belkin solution makes storing and charging seamless and affordable. Convenient access allows easy wireless syncing, labeling, and transporting from classroom to classroom or tabletop to storage location. Integrated surge protector prevents loss from voltage spikes to keep the digital learning environment going strong.


  • Earthwalk Charging Case

    First of its Kind

    This patented, adapter-free laptop charging system option provides the most energy efficient approach to charging groups of devices. EarthWalk's High Efficiency (HE) system integrates a central power supply and control circuit board system to distribute simultaneous charging power to every laptop. This method of charging is up to 85% more energy efficient than charging the same devices with their supplied AC Adapters. This option also allows the devices' AC adapters to be freed up for independent use outside of the lab and eliminates the need for installing and uninstalling the AC adapters.


  • Lap Cabby Carts

    Making life easier

    Easily maneuver Lap Cabby with purpose-built wheels and rubber facings to enhance safety and protect surroundings. All of our trolleys and gadgets share the same clever technology and thoughtful little extras. That’s why we have so many happy customers across the world. Every LapCabby product is subjected to stringent third-party testing by the international test house, TUV. We are so confident in our products we offer a full lifetime warranty on every LapCabby.


  • Bretford Carts

    Versatile enough for Chromebook and Ultrabook computers.

    The sophisticated power manager uses a charging system that constantly reevaluates demand for power and concentrates on the devices that need power most. This technique provides cool-down time, extending battery life. A cable management channel in the front of the cart guides cables to each device. Power adapters are installed while sitting at your desk using removable plates and Velcro straps designed to help keep everything neat and organized. Certified to conform to UL 60950 standard for Safety of Informational Technology. Unique built-in handle lock accessible via combination or key makes this cart ideal whenever secure storage is needed.


NEW: Chrome OS Tablets!

Acer Tab 10

Bring the World into the Classroom
Stare into the eye of a hurricane or get up close with a strand of DNA. Google Expeditions AR2, helps teachers bring the world into the classroom to engage students with immersive lessons.

Stay Productive
Don’t forgo your favorite software by moving to Chrome OS. Download Microsoft Office, Kindle Cloud Reader, and many more from Google Play™.

Easy Management
Manage and control 10s, 100s, even 1000s of Chromebooks, Chromebook Tabs and Chromeboxes with ease using a single web-based management console.

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We Provide A Variety of Google Services

Google Software & Services


White Glove –Enrolls devices onto EU domain.

White Glove PLUS –Enrolls devices onto EU domain. Update OS and Charge Device

Chromebook Asset Tagging –apply and record generic or customer provided asset tags to device.
*Service provid-ed from Fremont, Olive Branch, and Guelph
SKU: ITG-CHROME-ASSET………………………..$12.00

Management Console for Google Chromebooks-Google license an on-line Management Console for Chromebooks as an add-on to the Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education management console.
SKU: CROSSWDISEDU …………………………………….$30.00

Google App Planning / Deployment –Assist through the process of procuring Google Apps Ac-count.
*Over the Phone Support
SKU: SPS-G-APP- …………………………………….$350.00

Chrome Management Console Deployment –Assist with planning and deployment of CMC including first time set-up.
* Phone Support
SKU: SPS-G-CMC-…………………………………….$1,000.00

Additional Services


– “Go Live” Support for Chrome Deployments (onsite)

– Educator training for Google Apps / Management Con-sole (remote or onsite)

– Wireless Survey with heat map

– Exchange migrations to Gmail

– Active Directory migrations

– Chrome Concierge Desk (EU Support desk for educators and IT staff

– Chrome Engraving

– Chrome Onsite Warranty and after warranty Break and Fix Programs


Give Your teachers and students a collaborative, digital learning environment that is safe, easy to use and structured to reflect your classrooms… all in your Google admin.

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Go Guardian

Go Guardian allows you to understand how your Chromebooks are being used on all levels including broad usage trends, unique organizational units, and granular per-student browsing behavior.

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Hear from teachers and students who use Google Classroom.