ARRA Grant

DI Technology Group, as an added value service for its customers is offering Grant Assistance . We’ll help you navigate through 16,000 grants and funding opportunities to find the grant the best matches up to the technology needs of your district, city or organization. Oh, and here’s the best part, we’ll do this for you at NO COST.

Which solutions can be funded with grants?

Solution Funding Range


• School modernization, including computer labs ($100,000–$1,000,000+)

• Video surveillance ($50,000–$500,000)

• Emergency warning systems ($10,000–$500,000)

• Distance learning/video communications ($250,000–$1,000,000+)

• Student and teacher data systems ($100,000–$250,000)

• Energy-management systems ($10,000–$1,000,000+)

• Instructional technology ($10,000–$500,000)

• Wireless applications ($50,000–$500,000)


Public Safety

• Video and other surveillance systems ($50,000–$1,000,000+)

• Police-cruiser camera systems ($50,000–$750,000)

• Radio interoperability ($200,000–$2,000,000+)

• Wireless network access ($100,000–$5,000,000+)

• Criminal history and other databases, data access ($50,000–$500,000)

• Video training and communications infrastructure ($50,000–$500,000)

State and Local

• Municipal broadband/wireless ($100,000–$50,000,000+)

• Intelligent transportation systems ($50,000–$10,000,000)

• Transit management ($50,000–$1,000,000)

• Public-housing computer centers ($50,000–$500,000)

The funding ranges provided are for informational purposes, and each grant program that funds the identified solution will have its own funding parameters. Some will fund projects at the low end of the range or below, and a few will fund at the higher end of the range or above. Which grant  will fit, will depend on the type of project using the solution, type of application, and the geographic location of the project?

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