Kingston SSD V-Series

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Forget the RAM! The Kingston SSD V-Series will boost desktop performance.
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The V-Series can breathe new life into an aging desktop’s performance, making it seem new again or even better than new.

If you’re like most PC users, in the beginning you were thrilled with the performance. But as your system ages, it can slow down. Sufficient RAM and CPU power don’t necessarily solve the problem, as the issue often has to do with more resources utilized in the background as more information is stored on your PC.

If a new PC isn’t in your budget, why not upgrade the hard drive to an SSD? For less than $150, you can extend the life of your system for one to two years with a Kingston SSD Now  V-Series SSD.

The blazing fast V-Series SSD can supercharge a budget PC so it outperforms systems costing hundreds of dollars more. Even highend machines can benefit from the switch, as we will see from lab tests performed by PC World’s Test Center. (See “PC World’s Test Center Confirms V-Series’ Performance Gains.”)

The benefits of a V-Series SSD are evident the second you turn your system on. A low-end eMachines desktop running Windows XP Home booted up more than 25% faster with the V-Series installed, compared to the standard hard drive. Virus scanning performance was more than 35% better using Panda Anti-Virus Pro 2009, and shutting down an Adobe Photoshop session was more than 20% faster.

Both high-end and midrange test systems showed gains across different tests, but perhaps most interesting was the system-boot test of a high-end Gateway system running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit. Using the V-Series instead of the stock hard drive, performance improved more than 30 percent, higher than the gains in the low-end desktop.

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